Gary listens to residents concerned about wind & solar farms

Dr. Nina Pierpont: Wind Turbine Syndrome

New – Wind Turbine Flyer: ‘Be Green AND be Smart’ 

Last night Gary and the other ‘Haldimand is OPEN for BUSINESS’ candidates Doug Fleming  (Ward 4) and Merlyn Kinrade (Ward 2) met with residents concerned about wind and solar farms planned for Haldimand County.

Opposition to wind farms, in particular, is growing across the province – including in next-door Norfolk – due to concerns over their effects on human and animal health as well as the dangers they pose during catastrophic failures and/or fires.

“Last night, Norfolk council approved a motion to support a moratorium on the erection of any industrial wind turbines until rigorous scientific research has been conducted. The county will be joining 58 Ontario municipalities and 410 European organizations of the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) who are seeking a moratorium.”

Key Resources

Human Health

Animal Health

Safety – Fires & Structural Failures

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