Gary at Caledonia debate re Six Nations toll road threat: “I’ll have the charges laid within 24 hours.”

Sign on Douglas Creek Estates threatening toll road blockade, photo taken April 21/10.MPP Toby Barrett and federal Liberal candidate Bob Speller both came out to listen to the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce municipal election debate last Wednesday (Oct 13th.). 

Voters in Ward 3 were given a very clear choice by the time the event was over. Gary stood in stark contrast to his opponents, including incumbent Craig Grice, with his vision, determination, research and the can-do attitude he has displayed working tireless on behalf of the town for over four years without pay.

One of the best examples that showed the great divide separating the two camps occurred when candidates were asked what they would do if Six Nations protesters followed through on their threat to set up a toll road on Argyle Street.

After all three of the other candidates for Council expressed the same ‘we can’t do anything’ sentiment that disgraced the present council, Gary stood up and outlined his plan, which is based on his proven track record:  

1. He would begin back-channel communications with Six Nations immediately.

2. He would then go to the site and take photos of those committing crimes.

2. Within  24 hours he would personally lay criminal charges against the protesters. [LINK, LINK]

4. If the road was still blocked after 48 hours he’d file charges against the police for refusing to stop the crimes. McHale has already successfully convinced courts to charge 5 OPP officers, including two who helped build barricades to keep the lawful owner out of his Hagersville property (note: Gary assisted with research of the Hagersville case which was presented by Jeff Parkinson). [LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK]

Caledonia Chamber of Commerce Debate, Oct 13/10: Ward 3 (Caledonia) incumbent Councillor Craig Grice (L) and Caledonia Activist Gary McHale

Caledonia Chamber of Commerce Debate, Oct 13/10: Ward 3 (Caledonia) incumbent Councillor Craig Grice (L) and Caledonia Activist Gary McHale

As Gary said in his closing remarks to great applause because residents know it is true:

“The only thing you’re voting for on October 25th is who do you think will fight for you the most? […] In politics the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I promise to be the squeaky wheel.”

One man told the campaign on his way out he and his wife were undecided before the debate, but not now: they are both planning to vote McHale.

Regional News reporter Bill Jackson was present, so it should be interesting to see what his take in next week’s paper.

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