Events Calendar

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October 13/10, 7:00pm: Ward 3 (Caledonia) councillor’s debate, Caledonia Lions Club Hall, 100 Haddington St., Caledonia. Don’t miss Gary as he takes on incumbent Craig Grice and the other Ward 3 hopefuls!

Oct 07/10, 7:30pm: Mayoral All-Candidates Night, sponsored by Haldimand Federation of Agriculture. Haldimand Agricultural Community Centre, 1084 Kohler Road, Cayuga. MAP. Although this event is for mayoral candidates, all Haldimand candidates are permitted to have a display table.

The three ‘Haldimand is Open for Business’ candidates attended this event where they set up a joint table, and received a very positive reception from attendees who especially appreciated their research into the Wind Turbines issue. One commented that Doug, Gary and Merlyn had more answers than those already on Haldimand Council.