Gary on the Issues

Gary on the IssuesClick to download Gary's issues brochure: 'HALDIMAND is OPEN for BUSINESS.'

  • Video: Gary vs. Craig Grice at Caledonia debate [LINK]
  • Brochure: ‘Haldimand is Open For Business‘ [PDF, 3p]
  • Brochure: ‘Be Green And Be Smart‘ (Wind Turbines) [PDF]
  • Wind Turbines: endorsement by Wind Concerns Ontario [LINK]
  • Summary of Issues: Ad – ‘Moving Forward With a Vision’ [PDF]
  •  Anti-Pet By-Law: endorsement by Murray Killman, Killman Zoo [LINK]
  • Douglas Creek Estates occupation site: Ad – ‘DCE – Future Economic Hub‘ [PDF]
  • Why you can trust Gary to lead: Pictures of Leadership (an absolute MUST-SEE)

See Gary’s Info Ads

Click here to see all of Gary’s informative, full-page co-op issues ads with the other ‘HALDIMAND is OPEN for BUSINESS’ candidates.